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Rebuild Your Jaw for New Teeth

The Significance of Bone Loss

Missing teeth can have a profound effect on your appearance and confidence, but more concerning is the effect it has on your oral structures. Without teeth, your jawbone will resorb, a continuous process whereby bone loses density and shrinks away. A single missing tooth can mean other teeth shift out of place, but if you’ve lost most or all your teeth, this process can have damaging cosmetic and functional results, giving you an aged or “sunken in” facial appearance. When this occurs, we offer bone grafting in our offices in New City, Middletown and Poughkeepsie, NY as a proven way to restore your lost bone.

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Care from a Bone Grafting Expert

If you have been told you do not qualify for dental implants due to jawbone loss, you have options. Our periodontist, Dr. Michael Maltz, has 30 years of specialized experience treating patients with extensive bone loss. When the cause of such significant bone and tooth loss is gum disease, he is the specialist of choice, having achieved extensive education and training in periodontal diseases and treatments. An expert in bone grafting specifically, he can help rebuild your jaw and prepare you for a new life with dental implants.

Our Specialized Treatments

Ridge Augmentation

Significant bone loss along the jaw ridge because of tooth loss, denture wear, or gum disease, makes the bone too thin and weak to support dental implants. Ridge augmentation rebuilds the natural density and contours of this ridge. In cases of tooth extraction, ridge preservation fills the empty tooth socket with bone graft material.

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Sinus Lift

Tooth and bone loss in the upper jaw can make it unsafe to place a dental implant in the narrow bone between the mouth and the sinus. A sinus lift raises the membrane so that bone graft material can be placed beneath to rebuild the height of the bone. Once healed, this bone will have adequate density and depth to support dental implants.

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Guided Tissue Regeneration

Gum tissue and bone must heal properly to provide functional support and natural aesthetics after treatment. Guided tissue regeneration is a surgical technique where a mesh membrane is placed between the bone and the soft tissues at the treatment site. This allows the bone to heal and regenerate without interference from the connective tissues.

Don’t currently qualify for dental implants?

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